Coach Sara

DLV Coach Sara Carpenter

United States Association of Volleyball
Certified Coach – Level I

“Champions don't show up to GET everything they want; they show up to GIVE everything they have”

Alexander den Heijer

“It’s not about being the best ON the team, it’s about being the best FOR the team”. I strongly believe in developing not only great volleyball players but more importantly great young women. Encouraging them to focus more on the WE and less on the ME on and off the court. I strive to instill my love of the game, my passion and my drive in each of my players. I want to help them understand the value of their work ethic and that GREATNESS is EARNED not given. I want my players to leave my team as strong, confident, fiercely loyal young women and athletes.  I have Coached at the all levels from Grammar to High School. I have 7 years of  playing at the HighSchool and Club Level. 

The top three priorities in my life are:

1. Faith
2. Family and Friends
3. Coaching

The top three coaching priorities are:

1. Building Character and Confidence in Young women

2. Nurturing the love of the game 

3. Instilling passion, drive and the will to win 

The principles that I always stress are:

• “WE” not “ME” 
•  Accountability (Self and Team) 
•  You are your only Limit

I will never compromise on:

• Players earning their spot
• No tolerance for foolish drama
• No tolerance for lack of work ethic (laziness)

I expect the following from my players:

• 100% effort with a positive attitude
• Heart, Passion and Drive 
• To be the best FOR the team not ON the team

If you want to play for me, expect the following:

•  100% of my effort
•  To be pushed beyond your preconceived limits
•   Accountability and Reliability  

Coaches I would like to emulate:

• Russ Rose – Penn State
• Mary Wise – University of Florida 
• Karch Kiraly – US Women’s National Team

The athletes I would like my players to emulate:

• Samantha Seliger – University of Minnesota 
• Simone Lee – Penn State
• Kathryn Plummer – Stanford

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