Coach Lisa

DLV Coach Lisa Lewis

United States Association of Volleyball
Certified Coach – Level II

"Our emphasis is on execution not winning".

Pat Summitt

I have competed on a variety of USAV Women’s teams from 1995 –2009. I served as the Assistant Coach for Salem Lutheran Junior and High School JJV, JV, and Varsity Teams as well as for Nansemond River Volleyball 16-1 team. Coach Lisa was a Practice Coach for Memphis Volleyball Academy, Head Coach for Metro Desoto 13 Black Team, and Head Coach for DLV 13 Blue Team. I have also served as the Assistant Coach with the Lewisburg Middle School Patriot 7th & 8th Grade Volleyball teams 2013-2016.

I encourage athletes to pursue excellence both on and off the court.  Attitude is the most important asset of a volleyball player and fosters an environment of teamwork and leadership. Coach Lisa believes athletics provides many opportunities that support life values. Her goal for each athlete is that they will grow both as a player and in their faith during their careers.

The top three priorities in my life are:

1. Faith
2. People
3. Coaching volleyball

The top three coaching priorities are:

1. Hard Work
2. Camaraderie 
3. Team Cohesion

The principles that I always stress are:

• 100% Effort 100% of the time
• Never Quit
• I cannot except not trying 

I will never compromise on:

• Being Honest
• A poor Attitude
• Punctuality

I expect the following from my players:

• Integrity
• Self-motivated
• Accountability

If you want to play for me, expect the following:

• Direct, consistent coaching
• Constant change
• To be pushed. Hard.

Coaches I would like to emulate:

• Pat Summit 
• Russ Rose
• Tony LaRussa

The athletes I would like my players to emulate:

• Peyton Manning
• Kerri Walsh-Jennings
• Misty May-Trainer

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