Coach Bob

DLV Coach Bob Lewis

United States Association of Volleyball
Certified Coach – Level II

“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you capable of becoming.”
“Don’t measure yourself by what you have accomplished, but by what you should have accomplished with your ability.”

John Wooden

I began my “career” in Chicago, IL, training/playing on a USVBA Men’s team, but honestly, my love for the sport really began before High School where I really enjoyed watching my Mother play and my Dad coach her team.  Later, in High School, I enjoyed cheering our team and observing Coach Samples direct the team, which fascinated me. Later, in College, I had my 1stopportunity to play on an organized competitive Men’s team in an intramural league ball, which led to an 18-year stint as a Men’s competitive player/coach in USAV…best days of my life.  This is what I want to give to the young players coming up in the sport.

Since that 1stteam, I have worked to be very involved in the sport, coaching U10-U18 teams, teaching USAV scorekeeping/referee clinics, developing curriculum and training techniques, and practical/technical training of both players and other coaches of both competitive and school teams.  Over the past 25+ year, I have had the pleasure of coaching various age divisions in both club & school volleyball in Illinois, Virginia, & Mississippi.

I have always believed in Continuous Improvement principles as a player and as a coach, which I work to impress upon the players and coaches.  I have been through a multitude of hours of coaches training seminars, classes, etc. For USAV, I am IMPACT, CAP I, and CAP II certified.  In the past, I have been a rated USAV regional scorekeeper & a provisional II referee.
“My goal when training is to push the players out of their “safe zone” to not only become physically strong, skilled, and quick but to also mentally strong so they understand the strategies of the game and become their own best coach.  This way, regardless of where they land, they will always know to trust themselves in their player development and decision making.”

The top three priorities in my life are:

1. Faith
2. Family
3. Coaching/Training/Teaching/Mentoring

The top three coaching priorities are:

1. Passing on my love and passion for the game
2. Discipline fundamentals that become habit
3. Team spirit and unity striving towards a common goal

The principles that I always stress are:

• Practice/Train like a champion
• Be a great team player
• Be Positive

I will never compromise on:

• Playing by the rules
• Being honest with my players
• Respecting the game

I expect the following from my players:

• Dedication to academic excellence
• Personal discipline and inner motivation
• A complete commitment to the team

If you want to play for me, expect the following:

• To be loved and treated with respect but not favoritism
• To give 100% effort, on and off the court
• To be driven toward excellence

Coaches I would like to emulate:

• John Wooden (Wisdom)
• Kathy Bresnahan ( Courage and Strength)
• Doug Beal (Love of the Game)

The athletes I would like my players to emulate:

• Kerri Walsh-Jennings
• Karch Kiraly
• Themselves- College coaches don’t want players to be someone fro the past, they are looking for the players that say “I am the next great player”.

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